Stop the flop

The BikrBar stops your front wheel from pivoting when you are parking, leaning, carrying, loading, maintaining, pushing, parking with panniers, have a front basket load, are hauling cargo, etc.

Affordable at $14.99   *   Fits most bicycles   *   Easy to install




"Thank you for coming up with a useful, affordable way to make the front end behave!”

"Best bike gadget you never knew that you needed."

"After putting this on my bike, I can't imagine biking without it.”

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About BikrBar

I invented and patented the BikrBar from my own biking needs and I enjoy that others have found it to be so useful.  We are open to your input and ideas on how to make it better while keeping it affordable.  My desire is for you to love your BikrBar and to let me know how it has helped you.  Thanks!  -- Jeff

Uses for BikrBar include:

*Loading a bike onto a car rack
*Carrying a bike upstairs or onto a bus
*Storing a bike in a garage, apartment or dorm
*Pushing a bike down a trail or across the street one-handed
*Fixing a flat tire or bike chain on the trail.  Adjusting your seat

*Loading your handlebar basket and parking without your wheel pivoting

*Simply having your bike stand steady while you load your cargo bag or panniers

BikrBar is made in the USA.

BikrBar is:

8" long.

Intended not to scratch.

Easy to attach to the bike.

Fits under cables.

Lightweight 2.1 ounces.

Plastic straps will break-away at about 12 pounds of force for safety.

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BikrBar is constantly improving and would love to hear your ideas.


When You Purchase

  • Click on image choice above to purchase.

  • If you have a top tube or handlebar stem that is smaller than 1.5", order the "skinny" package which will use metal straps rather than plastic.

  • You also can drill holes in straps as needed with an 11/64" drill bit if necessary for any odd-sized configurations.

  • Measure from handlebar stem to top tube to ensure that you can mount the straps 8" apart.

  • Watch the installation video on YouTube to make sure you have the ability to install.

  • Promise your mother that you won't use the BikrBar to "ride with no hands", because that is dangerous!

  • The plastic straps will break away at about 12 pounds of pressure for safety, so go easy on the handlebars!





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